Raw Enlightened Hip Hop


Hello World

This is the realest most down to earth blog you know

and it wouldn’t be this if I did not put you on to some of the smoothest and soultry hip hop in the underground.

Kianu and Waz

These dudes are YOUNG, and TALENTED! Kianu and I have some history as we went to performing arts school together. I remember him being talented back then but I’m very impressed at his exponential growth as a performer and as an emcee/recording artist. As a result of knowing Kianu, I got to meet WAZ….ALSO YOUNG, and TALENTED. This guy is an excellent producer and I have to thank both of them personally for showing unwavering dedication to music through tireless efforts

Speaking of tireless efforts.

Get into this mixtape called TheConflux. If there were anything on the internet that you’ve ever regretted clicking…it would not be this because it is HOT FIYA!!!

SHOUTOUTS TO THE SOUL KIDS KIANU AND WAZ! They are way ahead of their time.

Till next time! Peace Light and Love!


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