Intelligenz, known for her conscious style, thought provoking lyrics & ability to deliver a sick cadence over any beat, releases her first single, “I’m A Movement” off her upcoming album “Everything I Am”, paying tribute to her husband for his support, Nas & female emcees in the game.

Today on the “Realest Blog U Know”

I present to you Intelligenz, a prolific hip-hop artist and emcee comin from ya from the west coast whom I have been actively internet stalking.

I was just added to her secret group on facebook :D!

Anywho, I went to her soundcloud page and reposted a track of hers that I really liked called “I’m A Movement”

If you want that old thing back hip hop with an avant gard,e cutting edge twist, press the play button, hell its on itunes too so ya might as well buy it!

The age of the FemCee is comin back yall, I can feel it in my bones. Intelligenz is a prime example of that second coming!

Check out the Intelligenz Soundcloud Page!


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