T. Real The Livest One + Ari De Leo -Success


This was the first song I ever recorded with my longtime classmate/friend T. Real. We were always performers from very young, performing in showcases and talent shows all around the Harrisburg, PA area.

T.Real was on his game ever since high school. I still have some of his mixtapes he used to pass out at the lunch table.

I remember the day he came to me and asked to do a song with me. He just sent me the track to write to and I wrote the hook to it that night.

The Real funny part is, we wrote out parts separately and put them together at the studio. We were so on the same freaq that the fit like the pieces of a puzzle. Not to mention the end product was FIYA YOU HEAR????! Try to play this song only once, and you will probably burst into flame.

So it may be best to put this on repeat until you get the message.

The theme of this song is self explanatory, we both had our personal reasons for writing what we wrote, but as talented youth we had always experienced someone who thought that they were better than us trying to discourage us from our path, so this song was an effective way to uplift those in the same situation and a nice way of saying F–k off to the people who doubted our potential and told us that we were wasting our time.

I’ve had so many people who come to me and say how that song changed something for them. This is how I know I am according to my purpose, as one who is a light worker and master teacher.

Healing thru Music, Performance and Visual arts .


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