Ari De Leo Gets a Call from #OliviaPope #AtTheTable

Hey guys? Why did Olivia Call me? She KNOW I can’t help her!


Any who, I have just been updating my site and having new adventures around thte Harrisburg area performing at different open mics. is about healing thru music performing and visual arts so I will continue to perpetuate that in non-virtual life. As I am getting into these things more I will have a set schedule of performances to direct you all to if you all wanna catch me on stage!

My internet sleuthing adventures take me far as well. I like to highlight things I see that are amazing and follow the theme of healing thru music, performing and visual arts.

If there is something you wish to submit to me that you are doing that is amazing email me at


Peace light and all my love,

-Ari De Leo



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