7 Reasons Why My Job at Urban Snob Is Kick Ass: An Instagram Anthology

As some of you may or may not now, I work part time in a high end, trendy fashion boutique in Harrisburg, PA known as Urban Snob since 2012 when it first opened. This place has such a special meaning to me and my growth as an artist that I decided to make a special post about it. This is the first yet it won’t be the last.

1. Selfies!!

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Urban snobbin today

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Imagine taking selfies as being part of the job description?

2. Trying on the Latest Gear

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#snob or die @urbansnob

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How y’all think I stay so fly? Not just by chance. Urban Snob all day.

3. Creating Memories With Friends


This place has helped the most epic of my connections take place. The memories I made here are priceless.

4. Getting Creative With The Window Displays


Does your job let you do graffiti art on the windows??? Mines do 🙂

.5. Matching the Color Scheme

Working in here I just feel a part of the whole microcosm.

6. The Manniquens


I love these girls even tho they give me a hard time when its time to undress…

7. Dimitra the owner


No, I don’t own the place, this lovely lady does. She’s the reason for the Urban Snob’s being and becoming

There are many more reasons why working here is kickass, but why don’t you see for yourself. Follow Urban Snob on Instagram and click here to Shop At The Urban Snob Website.

Peace n Love everyone!!

pack light

-Ari De Leo


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