Check Out This Chilling Short Film By: Erykah Badu- “Black Bikes Matter”

Ok, I slept on this one. But I stay woke.

No doubt that Erykah Badu is extremely multi-talented and fearless when it comes to performance arts (See her video “Window Seat”). I came across this art film she directed on Youtube entitled “Black Bikes Matter”. Her  video reminds me an art film called “The Holy Mountain” which is admittedly one of her inspirations that she has shared with her fans on twitter.

The images show a black bike being taken to the limits, reflecting the struggle of black people in America in a very ironic sense. We are all familiar with the activist group #BlackLivesMattter, so lets put the pieces together. Certainly it is easier for the mind to process these images because the object is inanimate, yet the bike is clearly a metaphor for the “Black Body”.

Erykah Badu creates a very unique work of art during the Dallas LABART Texas art show representing the #blacklivesmatter movement. This video was shown alongside her art piece during the event.

Watch the video here!



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