Russell Simmons Open Letter: Donald Trump

Entrepreneur, Multi-Billionaire Russell Simmons wrote an open letter to Donald Trump on Twitter.

It reads:

I know we haven’t spoken since your run for office. The truth is, I never thought you would become president. I’m sure the comments I made publicly and to the press against your platform broke our friendship apart. That said, I still have some advice for the man I used to consider a friend. You are being set up.

I am convinced you are the Trojan horse. The extremists in the Republican Party and religious right have been praying for a long time to put a candidate in the position to turn back the tide of our forward push for justice and equality, which is in effect the American dream. The pendulum of consciousness always swings towards compassion and justice. There are moments that it swings back but once given a taste of freedom the people will thirst for it and will not let anyone take that away. African-Americans will never again be slaves, women will never again lose their right to vote or go quietly back into the coat hanger days, the LGBTQ community will not go back into the closet, the right to worship as we see fit will not be taken from one — you will have to strip it from everyone.

No American president has ever entered the Oval Office with an agenda so set on trying to undo the civil, social and political gains for equality that have been so long fought. And now we are bracing to have all of our victories overturned. Those lowest common denominator radicals of the Republican party have you locked in a role to do their bidding.

You came into the race as a strong independent voice and now you are going down a path of having the mainstream Republican party impeach you for many of your questionable choices that some of them support privately, but don’t want to carry the weight of.

I find it hard to believe you are comfortable going down in history as being impeached as the president who was taken out for Russian ties or signing off on the Dakota/Keystone pipelines benefiting a company you held stock in? When this happens where will they be? They will tell the American public it was all on you as they reap the rewards of some of the worst decisions a president has made for the people he is supposed to serve. If you are impeached, Vice President Pence will have the position he has always wanted with all the dirty work done for him without having lifted a hand. And in the best case scenario for you, which is you stay for the entire term, you will leave a legacy of heightened racial discord, massive environmental destruction and the shame of having repealed legislation that promoted equality and fairness for all Americans. You will continue to be shunned and protested against by the majority of citizens who will blame you for your radical and dangerous attacks on everything America stands for.

My advice to you is don’t let yourself get played by these suckas in Washington. Or we, the American public, will all pay for your naivety. We will be left to suffer as individuals who must deal with racism being accepted again, women being treated as second class citizens, the aftermath of immigrant families broken up and deported and an environment that will succumb to the mounting crisis of climate change. Future generations will be in an irreversible position of not being able to sustain the Earth they live on. You will be forgotten and dismissed by the radical right when you are long gone. A foolish blip in the big story of a sad American tragedy.

What are your thoughts?

Contact Russel Simmons on twitter and let him know!

Source: Donald Trump, The Radical Right Is Setting You Up In Washington! | The Huffington Post


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