NEW MUSIC ALERT! Ari De Leo Prod. Branx “If I Had My Way” Medley (Chrisette Michelle Cover)[Studio Cut]


We pulled an all nighter in the studio for this one! Thanks be to the instrumental EXMAG group. Branx is a complete wizard and I’m so thankful that I know him! Also thanks be to Darth Religious and SuperNicer for always lending me thier space, wonderful energy and tireless dedication  to “The Work”.

I have been wanting to connect more with my fans, fam, and friends to show you guys what we have been up to. The world may never know, but we are all still working on it!

Thanks to my bro tony for being there with us and lending his energy too!

Also thanks to Lady Rayne #TNM and Small Guy Records for supporting me and helping to keep me focused!

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Listen to Branx

Listen To EXMAG



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